Friday, April 27, 2007

Curt Schilling nukes the idiot media

In the wake of a controversy manufactured out of thin air by Gary Thorne, fellow blogger Curt Schilling has taken the gloves off and called out specific members of the media on his website. He was right to do it. Thorne attempted to get a share of the spotlight by destroying the mystique surrounding Schilling's tremendous achievement, but in the end he came off looking like an idiot.

What's interesting is the comments that follow Schilling's diatribe; a LOT of people insist on calling him an "egomaniac," and plenty of people have negative things to say. Now, Schilling has brought this upon himself, in a way; he's outspoken (to say the least) and he's taken down the Yankees on several notable occasions, both with the Diamondbacks and with the Red Sox. But the fact that people are telling him to "get over" this situation and to stop being so "self-important" is telling -- there really are people who are so blinded by their hatred for Schilling that they're willing to stand behind a falsehood that was generated de novo.

I think it's important in this day of increased communications between all people that professional athletes start using the internet to talk to their fans and, if the need arises, to knock the socks off their detractors. I sincerely hope that Chad Durbin puts up a site letting me know how big an idiot I was for judging him by his first three starts, and that more Tigers get online and let us, the fans, know what's up.

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