Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bonderman Inning by Inning

Awesome - I had a nice piece written regarding Bonderman's inning by inning ERA and I clicked submit and poof - it was gone. I won't take the time to rewrite this completely, but here are Jeremy Bonderman's inning by inning statistics from 2006 until now. I was unable to find earned run statistics, so these are total runs allowed. Also all innings are assumed to be finished so if he went 6.1 innings, it will be reflected as 7 inning in these numbers.

1st: 4.74
2nd: 1.42
3rd: 3.79
4th: 5.92
5th: 3.86
6th: 4.06
7th: 1.35
8th: 6.30
9th: 4.50

It seems that while complaints of Jeremy's first inning struggles aren't completely unfounded, the 4th inning leaves even more to be desired. As this season progresses I will rerun these numbers focusing only on this season and hopefully we will see some marked improvement as Jeremy continues to mature into one of the top pitchers in the Major League.

UPDATE: This post is pretty much useless at this time, mere hours after writing it Jeremy messes with my stats by wetting the bed in the first. You better retire the next 13 batters in a row to make up for this Bondo.

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